Personal Informatics & HCI: Design, Theory, & Social Implications — CHI 2011 Workshop

Personal Informatics & HCI: Design, Theory, & Social Implications

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Lost in Translation: Three challenges for the collection and use of data in personal informatics
Jed R. Brubaker, Sen H. Hirano, Gillian R. Hayes

As personal informatics tools grow in number, interpretation and interoperability of data will become increasingly important. In this paper, we share insights from our development of Estrellita, a medical tracking system for high-risk infants, and our ongoing research in the area of social media. We highlight three challenges relevant to the area of personal informatics: determining context, assumptions around "personal" use, and the social implications of representation.




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Organized by

Ian Li | Anind Dey | Jodi Forlizzi
Kristina Höök | Yevgeniy Medynskiy


  • Papers Due  February 11, 2011
  • Notification  March 15, 2011
  • Workshop  May 7, 2011

CHI 2011

CHI 2011
May 7–12, 2011
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Created by Ian Li. HCII, Carnegie Mellon University.