Personal Informatics & HCI: Design, Theory, & Social Implications — CHI 2011 Workshop

Personal Informatics & HCI: Design, Theory, & Social Implications

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Calming Technologies
Neema Moraveji, Neekaan Oshidary, Roy Pea, BJ Fogg

Calming technologies are interactive systems that help users maintain optimal cognitive, physiological, and emotional resting state even while they performing tasks. We attribute the emergence of calming technologies to the widely acknowledged benefits of stress- and anxiety-reduction in physical health, productivity, and performance. We describe observed approaches to calming technologies and motivate researchers of personal informatics to consider how their work aligns or is at odds with the goals of calming. Personal informatics, persuasive systems, and calming technology overlap due to the prevalence of sensors and feedback in an attempt to influence user behavior.




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Organized by

Ian Li | Anind Dey | Jodi Forlizzi
Kristina Höök | Yevgeniy Medynskiy


  • Papers Due  February 11, 2011
  • Notification  March 15, 2011
  • Workshop  May 7, 2011

CHI 2011

CHI 2011
May 7–12, 2011
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Created by Ian Li. HCII, Carnegie Mellon University.