The Carrot

Monitor anything using trackers is a secure mobile and web-based health management solution with tracking and analytic features that support users in taking control of their health. Regularly featured as a Top 100 application in the iPhone App store and voted Best Application (2008) at Health 2.0, delivers a “whole health” approach by offering real-time tracking of over 35 categories including fitness, nutrition, blood pressure, weight management, smoking cessation, mood, sleep, and more. Personalized data is conveyed through graphically appealing charts and graphs to help users monitor their health, set goals, and identify solutions for improved health. is HIPAA compliant.

Monitor anything using the trackers—diet, exercise, medicines, your kid’s height, and more. Enter data on the iPhone or snap a pic with your cell phone.

Once you’ve gathered data, you can create a report. View your data with one of our standard reports, or customize your own report.

Our reports are formatted for easy printing and emailing. When working with a professional, a clear, comprehensive report makes his/her job much easier.


Posted on December 24, 2009

Created by Ian Li. HCII, Carnegie Mellon University.